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We are so excited about our location, 540 S. Main St. Suite C ...  So much more opportunity to serve in a convenient location, more accessible to walk-in customers, 20 parking spaces in the one block radius of our storefront. Our hours have changed 10-6 Monday thru Thursday. Lot's of activities throughout the year. So many wonderful things to see here, make an effort to revisit downtown if you haven't been for a while, we would love to have you stop in!

Health, Wellness and Nutrition Store



Dwight Wilson is a sort of celebrity around these parts if HONEY is one of your favorite things.He knows more about Honey than I will ever be able to learn. We carry his

1 lb. / 24oz. /  1 qt  / in the comb

Bee Pollen in the freezer and Bees Wax



it can't be beat!


If You Can't Visit Us...


If you want something and can not get in to get

it from our store, our partner company,

Long Life Unlimited is ready and willing to

ship you out whatever you need. On-Line

or from the catalog, give them a call and they can ship you what you need!


Hand Sanitizer...


PreFense is a great product! Stop in and try our sample bottle and see how you like it. Does not dry out your hands!


Our Online Partner...




TKO Check Book...


~C.H.E.C.K Book~ (Common Household Exposure to Chemical Killers)

When you buy one of our special packages of TKO you receive our C.H.E.C.K. book. It is packed full of information on deadly chemicals and how TKO, a totally safe alternative can really make a huge difference in your home!

We Are Here For You


We love to help, if we can't, we will help you research and learn more and help point you in the right direction!


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