• Janis

Here at The Wellspring, we are NUTS about Nuts!

Now Brand has a wonderful line of Nuts if I do say so myself! Some Raw and some Organic and some roasted and with dried fruit, but all so incredibly good! I eat them as a quick snack option, one that I can leave at my desk or carry with me in my bag, they come with a zip lock crosier and are easy to tote around. I even took the "Nuts About Berries" and mixed 2 handfuls with some of our frozen organic green beans and mixed carrots and used our Garlic and More spice from Cedar Hill, 2 Tablespoons of our organic grass-fed butter(probably closer to 4, there is just never enough butter) and threw it in our microwave(I know, bad girl) here at the store and ate it for lunch. WOW was that good, had to make it at home as a side dish for dinner the next week.


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