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Whether you have special dietary needs or are just trying to be a healthier you, we have much to offer. Natural alternatives to big pharma, chemical laden beauty products, GMO laced food-like products, and cleaning products to name a few. It is all a learning process and we are on that journey, come along.


Wellspring...A never-ending source of Refreshment, Nourishment, Restoration and Comfort.

Along the "Path" of everyday life, God graciously provides springs of life giving strength and hope to us from His endless oceans of Grace. In all actuality; Jesus is our Wellspring. His love, compassion, strength, wisdom, peace, and forgiveness are abounding; without limit toward us, bringing complete fulfillment and all of Heavens gifts and riches into our lives and soul for all eternity. Drink deep!! His love is without end.

We are dedicated to furthering Health, Wellness and Nutrition; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, to the Glory of God.

Our goal is to provide the best quality products available, at an affordable price, to benefit your lifestyle and enhance your living. If there is something you need and you do not see it, let us know, we really want to help.

                            We want to be your Health Food Store... May God Bless You,
                                                                                                                          ...from all of us a The Wellspring

We want to be your




540 S. Main St. Suite C

FIndlay, Ohio 45840

Open 10:00-6:00 Monday-Thursday


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Happy New Year

Construction on the new Hancock Hotel is complete, and is in the same block and we are so excited to have this lovely addition to our Downtown! That being said, downtown has finally completed the torn up and streets and sidewalks are now beyond functional. Please come downtown and check them out, some things have changed, but even more beautiful for our community!

Offerings from LOCAL SOURCES

~~ Come see us~~ Fun to enjoy downtown, all kinds of special things from store to store, We have locally sourced eggs from Wide Awake Farm which are amazing, great source of protein, Local Grass Fed Beef from Homestead Farm out of New Hampshire, Ohio and HONEY... great raw Honey from Dwight Wilson!


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Order from our mail-order co. and have it delivered to your door...



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